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Registration for In-person Worship Services

Welcome back to physical services! We are excited that gradually even more of us can worship together in person. We know that in the light of COVID safety measures, things are done a little differently from what you are used to or what you experience in restaurants or other public areas. Please be patient  and take this opportunity to show one another the love that we are called to display, and respect the ushers and leaders who are here to worship our God, just as you are.

If you have any feedback or ideas on how to make this worship experience an even better one for our fellow brothers and sisters, please do let us know  

Morning service (9 a.m.) is a Pre-Event Testing (PET) service (so you either need to have been fully vaccinated or take a PET test the day before the service. Evening service (6 p.m.) is been limited in size so that it is not a PET service.  


Register for Morning Service 
(You must either be fully vaccinated or
Pre Event Testing Required)

Register for Evening Service
(No Pre Event Testing)