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Synod Oct 2020 Update

From the Synod Moderator

Humbly Offered to the Lord

"Will I keep faith in the Lord, even if I can’t make sense of what’s happening?"
Synod Moderator Rt Rev Keith Lai reminds us of the lessons from Five Loaves and Two Fishes, as we humbly serve the Lord in our own little ways.

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Update from Synod Office

A Preliminary Study on Church Ministry Movement Post COVID-19

Rev Dr. Li Hau Tiong (Synod's Advisor for Community Outreach) did a study on the changing trends of church ministry due to the pandemic.

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Love Expressed in Obedience to His Truth During Pandemic Times

Elder Jimmy Lim, Chairperson of the Synod Mission Council (SMC), writes about how we as Christians can be 'doers' of the Word, sharing about their experience on the current missions in Nepal.

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Synod Annual General Meeting 2020

The Synod's AGM successfully wrapped up on 28 September, conducted via online means for the first time in history. 


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Synod Solidarity Initiative (SSI) to Aid Churches in This Pandemic

As reported last month, the Synod Solidarity Initiative (SSI) has been launched to assist member churches in providing video equipment, basic digital support for needy families and the homeless ministry. 

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