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Synod Sep 2020 Update

Always More Than Enough

"Do we ever ask ourselves why there is this deep inner sense of lack, of never having enough?"

Synod Moderator Rt Rev Keith Lai encourages us to look beyond the feeling of 'not enough', reminding us of God's grace and abundance.



New Normal Survey Review Part 2:
Pastoral Care in the New Normal

A survey by the Synod, Aug 2020

On 3rd July 2020, the Synod launched a survey for both church members and pastors, to find out more about the challenges and issues that have risen during this difficult period of pandemic - for the churches, so as to understand and better administer to the concerns of church members; for the pastors, to discuss and reflect on the current efforts and how to steward the church in this “New Normal” way of life.

Up till 26th July 2020 when the first round of results was collated, we received a total of 940 responses from church members of 28 different member churches (for the Church Members Survey), and 54 responses for the Pastors Survey.

In the second part of the Survey Results Review, we focus on pastors and their challenges to reach out to their congregation at this time when physical gatherings are still discouraged, as well as their concerns on going digital.

Follow-up Events/Initiatives 

Synod Annual General Meeting 2020

The Synod AGM will be happening on 28 September 2020. Delegates will be receiving more information via email.