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Personnel Care

ORPC missions and evangelism ministries are supported by a large team of leaders and members who serve in various capacities.

Missions and Evangelism Committee

The Committee exercises a primary role of oversight and support of all M&E ministries. Currently, the Committee comprises elders, deacons, pastoral staff, and congregation members.

M&E Servants

Every ministry housed under the M&E is led by a Committee leader and supported by a team of workers from the congregation. We call them servants who come alongside the leader in organising outreach events, and also participate in Bible teaching and ministry training. Whatever gifts and talents you have, do come forward to offer them for God’s use to restore people to Christ.

Missionaries and Workers

ORPC also contributes to regional missions by supporting a number of Christian workers, missionaries and theological students. Every year, a budget is set aside for these purposes. Besides financial support, we actively network, equip and pray for our supported personnel.

If you are exploring missionary service, do approach us so that we may talk and pray with you.