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Oversea Mission

Worship is the beginning and end of Christian Mission.

Missions is what we (in Christ) do as a church (through Christ) to bring all things and all people under God’s name, kingdom and will. 
(1 Cor 15:24, 28; Col 1:18-20)

ORPC embraces a broad and holistic view to Christian missions. As such, ORPC proactively engages Christian missionary organisations, Christian NGOs, and national churches in her overseas outreaches.

ORPC’s strength is in Bible teaching and ministry training of pastors and leaders of national churches, and skills and knowledge equipping of national staff workers in overseas Christian NGOs. Our desire is to mobilise the talents and treasures God has given to the ORPC congregation for restoring people in Christ both in the temporal and the eternal.

ORPC currently serves with partners in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar.