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Sunday School

The Sunday School Ministry caters to children from ages one to twelve. The team of dedicated teachers and pastoral leaders seek to engage the children through an inspiring Christian education programme, teaching them to know and obey Godʼs Word in preparation for a lifetime of holiness.

The Sunday School Programme is conducted concurrently with the English Service on Sunday morning, from 9AM to 10.30AM. Parents are encouraged to send their children to Sunday School so that they can attend the morning service. For children age eight and below, parents will need to pick them up from their respective classrooms after the morning service. Older children can make their own arrangements to meet their parents after the lesson.

Children are strongly encouraged to join the Youth Ministry when they graduate from the Sunday School. 

Sunday School Curriculum

The Sunday School has a 40-week curriculum based on Lifewayʼs Gospel Project. It shows children the picture of Godʼs story and that the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story – Godʼs story of redemption. The lessons are complemented by the Scripture Memory System that encourages children to remember the Word of God in their hearts. Praise & Worship is also an integral part of Sunday School. Children will learn to appreciate that all things are created for Godʼs glory and the ultimate purpose of man is to glorify God.

As parents play an important part of the spiritual growth of their children, the Sunday School Teachers will regularly connect with parents to share about the lessons covered in class.

To find out more about the Sunday School Ministry, please read the following document: