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Importance of In-Person Church Gatherings

The weekly gathering of the church to worship God together is an essential part of our spiritual journey as believers. For more than a year now, because of restrictions brought about by the pandemic, we have had to worship and carry out ministry through means
which are less than ideal. We praise God for technology which allows us to worship virtually through livestream and recordings and gather for Bible study and fellowship through video meetings. Yet, virtual church is not really church. It can be a temporary measure during
emergency situations such as the current pandemic, but virtual meetings can never fully replace the physical gathering of God’s people for corporate worship, discipleship, and fellowship, as we were meant to do.

Many of us have become used to virtual church and the convenience that it affords.
Have we thought about how this convenience has impacted our spiritual health?
How has the lack of physical gatherings affected our evangelistic witness, spiritual growth, discipleship,
and perseverance in the faith?
When was the last time we thought about and showed concern for fellow members of God’s family whom we used to see every week in church?

The leaders of ORPC recognise that there are still many restrictions imposed on our worship and ministry that are necessary at the present time to protect the more vulnerable around us. Therefore, we will expand in-person worship and resume in-person activities as
community measures are progressively eased.

However, we also recognise that there are some ways in which worship and ministry may never return to the way they were pre-COVID. Hybrid events and gatherings in smaller groups may continue to be the norm for some time. Please pray and come work alongside
with us as the leadership considers how we can expand in-person worship services given our physical constraints and create more opportunities for in-person discipleship and fellowship, especially in small groups.

In the meantime, we encourage you to get vaccinated if you are able, come join us in person for our expanded Sunday worship services, and have physical fellowship within smaller groups.

Yours in Christ,
Rev Clive Chin
Senior Minister, ORPC