Daily Reading

Date: Monday, 20 September 2021
Passage: 2 Timothy 3:10

How does this verse connect to the previous passage (vv. 1-9)?

Adult Sunday Class

12 Sep 21 The Pastoral Epistles
22 Aug 21 2 Thessalonians
8 Aug 21 1 Thessalonians
25 Jul 21 Colossians

“So how are you going to apply the sermon today?” I remember being quite taken aback when the lady sitting next to me in church asked me that very question after service. Quite frankly, my mind had been preoccupied with lunch plans at that moment, and the thought of discussing the sermon (and the implications it has on my life) with someone else had never once crossed my mind, not least with a stranger! Yet despite the initial awkwardness, I left that day refreshed by God’s word, challenged to apply the sermon in the ways we shared with one another, and encouraged to know I had a sister in...