Daily Reading

Date: Saturday, 5 December 2020
Passage: John 15:16-17

What does it mean to you that God chose us rather than we chose Him?

Adult Sunday Class

22 Nov 20    The Message of the 4 Gospels
8 Nov 20    The Gospel of John 2
25 Oct 20    The Gospel of John 1
11 Oct 20    The Gospel of Luke - 2

“Why can’t I just worship God at home?” It was a question my friend asked more than 5 years ago. Who would have known that a hypothetical question then would be such a pertinent question today? It is a question I ask myself every week, since the thought of joining Sunday service from the comfort of my home is always so alluring! Yet, as I reflect on John 15, I find myself gently rebuked for my individualistic view of discipleship, particularly when God has intended something far bigger for us.

Here in John 15, Jesus continues to comfort his disciples, and explains what their lives...