Daily Reading

Date: Wednesday, 1 December 2021
Passage: Isaiah 40:5

What is the direct result of the Lord’s coming?


28 Nov 21 Hope
21 Nov 21 Together for the Gospel
14 Nov 21 Finishing Well (Part II)
7 Nov 21 Finishing Well

Recently, someone handed me a copy of our Advent worship bulletin from 1965. That is almost 60 years of Advent celebrations here at ORPC, and maybe more if it started even further back. But what makes celebrating Advent so special that it has become an integral part of our tradition? Robert Webber, in his book Ancient-Future Time, said that “the life of worship is not in the ritual itself but in the lives of the people shaped by the message of worship.” In this vein, the significance of Advent lies in what it teaches us and how it shapes our lives.

The Advent season marks...