Daily Reading

Date: Thursday, 23 May 2019
Passage: Exodus 14:19-22

What did God do for Israel?

Adult Sunday Class

12 May 19    The Plan & Mission of God
28 Apr 19    God, Evil, & Suffering
14 Apr 19    The Triune God
24 Mar 19    How Do We Know God?

In Gen. 15:4-7, as part of the Abrahamic Covenant, God chose Abraham to be the father of many nations. This covenant is not just to him but also to the children after him. Thus, part of Abraham and his descendants’ responsibility is to pass on this covenant to future generations, as a fitting response to the God who has made Himself known.

Exodus is a fulfilment of this covenant. Hence in Exodus 12-13, God made the Exodus into a memorial day throughout all generations. We see this mandate even in the songs of Israel, such as Psalm 78:5-6, where this responsibility is spelt...