Daily Reading

Date: Monday, 1 March 2021
Passage: Rom. 7:1-3

How does death release us from the obligations of the law?

Adult Sunday Class

14 Feb 21    1 Corinthians - Part 1
24 Jan 21    Romans
10 Jan 21    Acts
22 Nov 20    The Message of the 4 Gospels

Recently, I have been reflecting on Rom. 5:12-21 and trying to apply its truths to my life. Last week, Ps. Hui Ru talked about how we have been transferred from Adam’s ‘bus’ to Jesus’ ‘bus’, or in other words, from sin and death to grace and eternal life. Clearly this change is a big deal, and yet it is a truth I struggle to believe, because more often than not it feels like nothing has changed. 

Every day, a quick flip through the newspaper is enough to be reminded of the far-reaching consequences of Adam’s trespass: the wickedness of men goes unchecked, and death remains...